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Known for country music, antebellum homes, the Parthenon, and Civil War battlefields, Nashville also has a rich brewing history that spans 100 years. Several breweries were established in the late 1800s, but the William Gerst Brewing Company alone endured into the 20th century and even survived Prohibition. Once one of the largest breweries in the South, Gerst brewed its last batch in 1954, leaving Nashvillians unable to enjoy locally brewed beer until the dawn of the recent microbrewery revolution. Nashville Brewing offers readers a pictorial account of the William Gerst Brewing Company-an important but almost forgotten part of Nashville history.

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Tennessee Breweries

The Volunteer State is naturally split into three regions by its rivers. Each region is unique and offers a variety of breweries with their own distinct lagers and ales.

From the Smokey Mountains in the East, to the Mississippi River in the West, Tennessee has a fascinating brewing history dating back to the Civil War. However, by the mid of the mid-1950's, no breweries existed in the state until the first micro-brewery opened in the state's capital in 1989. With the modern day craft beer movement, Tennessee is back on the map with dozens of brewpubs and micro-breweries.

This book is not only a directory of breweries in Tennessee, but is also designed to help thirsty readers find the best craft beer and pub grub throughout the state.

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Scott R. Mertie has been interested in the brewing industry since he started collecting beer cans as a six-year-old. As he became older, Scott expanded his hobby to include brewery advertising and home-brewing. Upon moving to Nashville in 1992, Scott visited the Gerst Haus restaurant and noticed vast amounts of breweriana displayed on the walls that once promoted the restaurant's namesake a century earlier. This started his fascination with the William Gerst Brewing Company and the brewing history of Nashville.

Party Cans

Party cans were designed for beer to be shared between two or more people at home gatherings. These cans were predominantly sold in the United Kingdom and West Germany during the 1960's and 1970's. In the United Kingdom, most party cans contained four, five or seven pints of ale or lager. These cans were often referred to by the number of pints. In Germany and other parts of Europe, party cans typically contained four liters of beer and were simply referred to as "gallon" cans. This guide is intended to illustrate the various brands of party cans by size and country.

Party Cans is the second beer related book written by Scott R. Mertie. His first book, Nashville Brewing, is a pictorial history of William Gerst and the Nashville brewing industry.

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Nashville Beer

Nashville's main industry is music. But where good tunes go, good booze follows, so it's no surprise that the city enjoys a lively local beer scene, as well. The city's brewing history dates back to the 1800s, when German immigrants first settled in the area. The rise and fall of Gerst Brewing Company, one of the first established Nashville breweries, left people thirsting for local beer after the company closed its doors in 1954. In the last decade of the century, a boom of brewpubs brought the drinking class some newer, more exotic styles of beer, and the people of Nashville have been "under the influence" of creative brewing ever since. Food, beverage and travel writer Chris Chamberlain tells the story of beer from the Music City and introduces us to the breweries and beer lovers that make up a local scene well worth raising a glass to.

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Chris Chamberlain is a food, drink and travel writer based in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has lived his entire life except for four years in California where he studied liberal arts at Stanford University and learned how to manipulate chopsticks. He is a regular writer for the Nashville Scene and their "Bites" food blog. He is also the Southern correspondent for, a national website dedicated to "Drinking, Eating, and Living the Way a Man Should."

The Finest Beer You Ever Tasted

Finest Beer You Ever Tasted covers the history of the Tennessee Brewing Company — the Memphis brewery most known for brewing Goldcrest 51.

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About the Author

Kenn Flemmons started collecting beer cans in the 1970s and became interested in collecting items from the Tennessee Brewing Co. in the late 1980s. Many of the brewery items shown in this book are from his collection. He, his wife Mari, and son, Geoffrey live in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is a past president of the Breweriana Collectors of America (